Choosing a Home Inspector

The first thing you should look for when choosing
a "Home Inspector" to inspect your home is one with the
"Certified Master Inspector" designation and the "CMI Logo".

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A Home Inspection

That is done by a Certified Master Inspector ensures
you've had the best inspection possible
and a good nights sleep!

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Inspecting Homes

In a Newcastle neighbourhood near you!

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Not long ago having a home inspection in Newcastle was viewed as something that only buyers needed to have done before purchasing a home.

In recent years however, inspections by sellers before their home goes on the market have gained in acceptance and are very popular among educated sellers.

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Having a home inspection prior to purchasing a home in Newcastle gives you some very important information you should have protect your families future.

Fully understanding the condition of your potential purchase can save you thousands, not to mention hours of your time and frustration of going through costly repairs.

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A maintenance inspection on a home in Newcastle is essentially the same as a standard home inspection, but the inspection is done for the current owner.

Most of these homeowners in Newcastle have been in their homes for over 5 yrs and they may or may not have had their home inspected at the time of purchase.

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Nspectr Services Home Inspections

One of the Premier Home Inspection Companies in Ontario, that always goes above and beyond the call of duty for their customers.

Inspecting homes from the East Newcastle, Newcastle out to Kingston and points between. Inspecting homes is only a small part of the job, client education as to the quality, condition and energy consumption of the home they own or the one they are planning to buy is even more important.

Make sure your home inspection is done by a Certified Master Inspector® it will help ensure you have a complete understanding of the home, the report, plus the good feeling that you have gained valuable knowledge during your home inspection.

Our number one mission is to provide the best quality home inspections to our clients, as well as try to improve the public opinion of the home inspection industry as a whole.

Inspection Services

Newcastle to Brighton

Providing 1st quality home inspections from Newcastle, Oshawa, Newcastle, Newcastle, Port Hope, Newcastle, Brighton, Campbellford, Trent Hills, Hasting, Madoc, Maramora and the area 1 hour north of Hwy 401.

Brighton to Kingston

Covering everything from Trenton, Belleville, Stirling, Napanee, Kingston and the area 1 hour north of Hwy 401. We also service the whole Prince Edward County including Picton, Wellington and Bloomfield.

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Complete Home Inspections
Let our 14 years of home inspection training and our experience of over 2000 home inspections give you peace of mind. If you are buying, selling or simply want to learn more about your house, give us a call.
Maintenance Inspections
A maintenance inspection is essentially the same as a standard home inspection, but the inspection is done for the current owner. Most of these homeowners have been in their homes for over five years, and they may or may not have had their home inspected at the time they purchased it.
Completely Trained Home Inspector

Completed "Inspector Classroom Training"

Completed "Certified Master Inspector®"

Completed "Over 2000 Home Inspections"

Completed "14 Years of Full Time Inspecting"


Energy Saving Inspections
“10 Easy Ways to Save Energy in Your Home”.
Most people don’t know how easy it is to make their homes run on less energy, and here at Nspectr Services, we want to change that.
Food For Thought!

NEVER base your home inspection decision soley on price if someone seems to be giving big discounts there is almost always good reason, BEWARE!

The above holds true for all other people you might need to hire to do work around your home, always get 3 or 4 estimates and compare them closley to make sure they are all doing the same job. Try not to be a "test dummy" for someone offering the latest, greatest product that has no real facts to back up claims.

When in doubt ask your home inspector for advice they will always try to steer you right and never try to sell you anything.

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